A reflection on social chain of desi parents senseless expectations

With fulfilment of smaller expectations here comes the larger and most comprehensive ones. And in much broader sense, it’s like a chain of expectations.

Parents think about their happiness and what they wish their children must be doing, acting, saying, fulfilling and obeying. Their wish to see them on stable on jobs before their completion of education put their future at stack because they’ll have to leave their full time study and be in a job, a job that pay less, wastes their crutial time when they should be going after what they dream of, they desire to see their children’s marriage function so their children must marry when they’re not even prepared for it, and will force their children to accept the girl they choose for them because they are elders and they know better who should be your wife? It’s all about them not us and just to satisfy to fullfil their parents senseless and nonsense wishes and fake respect they’ll go for it.

Why do we go always for a short satisfaction and not a long term great success? And why do we always put ourselves over others wishes and desires? A person should have atleast choice to choose.