About desi misogynist fathers

Fathers who do not respect their wives in front of their children, regardless of differences they have, gain no respect from their children. Being a father is a blessing, many men are still dying to get it. Fatherhood is a gift not every man is blessed with. So if you have it first of be extremely grateful for it. Being a father is a feeling beyond words can tell, it can only be felt from within.The best thing you can do to your child is to respect his mother at all times. No matter what difficulties you two may be facing in the relationship, they should never be brought to surface in front of your child. For him you guys should be the best example.The way you treat your wife in front of your child speaks volumes about the personality of your child when he grows up. These gestures up to them. You should teach your child through modelling and example. If you try to hide your flaws, the child will grow up a liar it doesn’t hurt the child to see your flaws at times, but those flaws should not be covered up with lies and deception. You should own leave a long lasting effect on the memory of the child. And these memories stay with him forever. It’s in your hands what memories you wish to give your child. He will either remember you as being the significant positive person of the family or he will view you as a tyrant who never had anything to do with the family. He will either want to be like you or dread being like you. The choice is yoursNo matter what, keep the respect and dignity of your spouse high and credible in front of your child. In front of him both parents should ALWAYS be on the same page. You need to be an active member of your family and not a puppet whose presence or absence doesn’t matter. Solve your issues in the bedroom and behind your child’s back. No exhibition of power to be done in front of him unless you want him to become like you. Be firm in crucial conversations with your child and both shall adopt the same stance in front of him.Children of today are far beyond smart than we were. A small hint can get them all stirred up so don’t think you can easily fool them.I hope and pray that all fathers are a source of light for their children and their children are the biggest support for them.

– Anonymous


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